7 Secrets to planning an awesome outdoor event!


Outdoor events make one of the most exciting decisions as you get the control of everything from the scratch. From location to caterer, décor, and execution of the whole event is in your control. With proper planning and execution you can plan the whole event with no fear and stress. In event rentals and equipment, AS table and chair rentals make a wise choice.

With a few more tips, you can make the whole event rocking and leave people with memorable memories. Regardless of whether it is a personal occasion or a corporate event, one of the objectives of organizing the whole event is that people leave with memories of the event that stays in their mind for long.

7 Super tips to planning a memorable outdoor event:

  1. Get a go ahead on the outdoor space to conduct the event. It is the first critical step without which you cannot plan further steps of the event. Most outdoor locations may need a permit from the legal authorities and local Government officials.
  2. Follow the rules and regulations laid by the local bodies for outdoor events. It is essential that you learn and implement these or you may have to face interruptions to the extent of even shutting down the event.
  3. Dedicate tasks to people you think you can trust or rely on. For instance, let someone take care of the catering and managing coordination with them. It would also include discussing the menu and setting up the catering corner for guests.
  4. Prepare a budget for every expense involved in the event. You must note down petty expenses as well to understand how much you can invest in the event. You must be confident of the logistics so that you can enjoy the event stress-free.
  5. Learn the source of power in the outdoor space. You may need power for lights and music. Keep a few extension cords and a backup power source to avoid any interruptions.
  6. Maintain sanitization throughout. Guests attending the event may expect clean washrooms, hygiene, and cleanliness throughout. It is one of the steps towards a successful event.
  7. Check the pest control services and follow all the steps necessary to ensure you and the guests aren’t annoyed of any pests around. It can further lead to health risks such as dengue.

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