A Guide To The Pallet Inverters 


Pallet inverters are specialized machines, which allow you to easily rotate and re-position heavy items like loaded pallets, heavy items, and other heavy stacks of materials. They increase the efficiency of your labour and reduce the cost of production by a significant price. They further reduce the risk of injuries at the workplace too.

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What is a pallet inverter?

Well, as the name suggests, a pallet inverter is the tool that inverts the pallets. That simple! It is a simple device, which inverts the heavy pallets regardless of whether the pallet is empty or full.

Being easy to incorporate and handle, the pallet inverter becomes a must have tool in your warehouse.

The primary uses of such an inverter include:

1- Replacing the damaged pallets

2- Locating and changing the damaged items, which are at the bottom of the full load.

3- Changing the location of the fully loaded pallets in your warehouse

4- Repositioning the heavy, bulky and stocky items.

How to decide between so many pallet inverters?

There are multiple uses for a pallet inverter. The choice of pallet inverter will depend on your needs. Here is how you should choose between all the pallet inverters:

1- What load size will you handle?- your choice will depend on what weight and dimensions of the load you will operate. You can make a rough estimate by adding a few inches to the largest pallet load. If all of your loads are of the same size and weight, then a standard pallet inverter will be fine for you.

2- What variety of loads will you pick? – you must go for the larger clamp range inverter if you will handle a wide variety of weights and objects. The wider clamp range allows you to accommodate easily.

3- What amount of product will be inverted in a day?- you should consider the amount of product which will be required to be inverted daily. To maximize productivity demands, heavy-duty inverters should be used because they invert heavy objects with ease.


If you are still confused as to what is the best place to buy an inverter, then you must go to the YouTube channel of TopIndustries. They regularly post educative content so that you make the right choice.