Different Funeral Reception Ideas that Honor a Loved One’s Memory


If your loved ones had recently passed away, it is only natural to honor the life they lived uniquely and memorably. Whether you are planning for a burial or an affordable cremation, there is still a funeral service to consider in honor of the deceased. Funeral and funeral receptions can be excellent outlets for honoring the memory of the dead. Here are some funeral reception ideas you can consider honoring the deceased.

Serve their favorite food at the funeral service.

The people closest to the deceased would know what their favorite food was. It may be a specific dish or a particular style of food like Cajun, Mexican, or Greek food. Perhaps the person who passed away had a favorite dessert or drank close to their heart. Whatever food or treat it was, serving their favorite food can be a great way of honoring their memory.

Their favorite foods may tie into a minor theme or be a collection of dishes that the deceased enjoyed. If there is no long table for a buffet, you can organize the food in one room or area with smaller tables set up for appetizers, main dishes and sides, desserts, and drinks.

Provide visitors a funeral favor that grows new life.

Funeral receptions often lead some people to ponder death and remind them of their mortality. It is crucial to offer symbols of life at funeral receptions, such as young trees or seedlings that they can take home and plant.

You can also consider giving away beautiful packets of forget-me-nots that will grow into a bit of a reminder never to forget their memory with the deceased. Forget-me-nots are beautiful flowers that are easy to grow. They can be started indoors and quickly moved into a garden to grow. As the plant grows, they can reflect on the person who has passed, yet their memory still lives on in their heart.

Showcase a Memorabilia Table

One’s belongings and treasures tell a lot about the story of someone’s life. The kind of life that the deceased had is most easily conveyed through the things they kept and treasured in their homes, and one can showcase this through a memorabilia table that can take guests a trip down memory lane. A memorabilia table can also be an outlet to remember who the deceased was and what they enjoyed the most in their life.

Personalized memorial candles

Another idea to honor the memory of the deceased is by setting up a candle station. You can add pillar candles, wallet-sized photos, embellishments, and quotes in honor of the passing of a loved one.

Decorate a little memory tree set up in their honor

Memory trees are miniature and decorative trees with many branches where friends and family can hang memories. This idea provides a memory tag where guests can write memories and hang them to the tree’s bare branches. Natural or artificial manzanita branches are often used for memory trees to hold numbers of written memories in honor of the deceased.

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