Foods to avoid after getting a dental crown 


Who doesn’t like a smile that can win the whole world? If you haven’t been lucky enough to get a pair of healthy teeth, you can always opt for dental crowns. Dental crowns will give you even shaped and pearl liked teeth that you can flaunt. If you are interested in getting a dental crown, you can visit the crowns summit. However, if you have already got one, here are some food that you must avoid after getting your dental crowns.


While nuts are considered superfoods rich in micronutrients and protein, they can be a bit risky when you have got dental crowns. Nuts are hard in texture and can cause permanent damage to your crown. So munching on nuts might not be the ideal snacking option that you should try after you have got your dental crowns.

Sticky food

Sticky food like candy, caramel, chocolate, gums, or food that has high sugar content should be avoided in all certainties. Sticky foods can stick to your crowns and cause serious tooth decay. Furthermore, the sticky food is also not good for your overall health.

Crunchy vegetables

Crunchy vegetables like salary, asparagus, etc., are good for your health, but they can cause serious damage to your dental crown. If you have just got in your dental crowns, it is suggested that you boil the vegetables and eat them rather than eating them raw. 

Sodas and sweet beverages

Carbonated sodas and sweet beverages are acidic in nature. These are not only harmful to your dental crowns but also to your overall dental health. They can cause tooth decay, enamel erosion, bad breath, and other health-related issues.

Chewing gums

Many adults have a tendency of chewing gums. But when you have got your dental crowns, it is suggested not to continue with such activity. Gums have the tendency to get stuck in between your teeth and damage your dental crown.


Popcorns are healthy snacks but when you have got your dental crowns, it is suggested not to chew on this food. Popcorns stick in the inner part of your teeth and are hard to clean. No matter how much you brush or floss your teeth, they are stubborn and hard to get out of. Thus, it is suggested to avoid popcorn.

Ice creams

Stop eating ice cream or any kind of cold food or beverages. You should avoid it after having dental crowns. The sharp taste of cold things might give you a painful sensation that can cause trouble in the long run.