Hand-tufted rugs bring natural beauty to your floor

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Hand-tufted rugs are faster to make compared to other handwoven rugs, making them a more affordable option. But these rugs still have all the warmth, personality, and durability that come from human hands and also bring fibers together.

The weaving process of hand-tufted rugs

First, the backing of hand-tufted rugs is made with the rug’s design punched out into a frame. A tufting tool is used to punch wool or yarn through that design. A binding is glued to the back of the fibers to give them strength once the rug’s pattern has been brought to life.

With the scrim holding the yarn safely in place, the hand-tufted rugs are exposed loops are shaved down. This also flattens the hand-tufted rug pile height, which makes it more walkable. These hand-tufted rugs come in a variety of pile heights.

Attractive Colors are offered for these rugs

These hand-tufted rugs are made in many exciting color couches. We have seen that neutral colors are found in these hand-tufted rugs. You mostly find these rugs in blush and beautiful bright colors with shades. On the other hand, if need made to measure colorful rugs for your indoors, professionals provide attractive colors in these hand-tufted rugs

Online range of hand-tufted rugs

Hand-tufted rugs are found in the versatility of design, fabric, pattern, size, and colors. To your fashionable interior, these hand-tufted rugs are also available in modern design and perfectly suit your interior which helps to add up a date touch to your house.

Different styles of pattern and print are also available for people which you can select according to your choice.

Look and feel of hand-tufted rugs

Looking for luxe, plush density? You’ll find it humbly offered by a hand-tufted rug weave made from natural wool. For cozy intimacy, this type of rug was shorn.

Wool is very absorbent of deep, natural dyes, so hand-tufted rugs allow you to enjoy a richly colorful design while keeping a soft, soothing base. These special homey charm and lovability rugs can help to relax any classic interior. Because it’s so deeply moody and textured this rug construction easily lends itself to eclectic styles.

Hand-tufted rugs tend to be more absorbent and prone to deep stains while luxurious to the touch, so avoid placement in kitchens and bathrooms. With the sturdiness of natural wool, hand-tufted rugs hold up well in most areas. In fact, a durable hand-tufted rug with proper care can last many years.

There are manufacturers who provide one of the most highly demanded hand-tufted rugs in a creative, artistic, and luxurious way. Experts always prefer to choose world-class materials for these rugs and make the customers satisfied with the product. They can offer these hand-tufted rugs with the most masterly program which is customization in these rugs.

Artistic design, Yarn content, Fine detailing, and Finishing techniques are the factors that contribute to the luxurious production of these rugs. These rugs referred to as latex rugs seem to be hand-knotted rugs