Is Travel Insurance Plan Mandatory While Travelling to Germany?


Germany has been a popular European destination for many Indian travellers. It is known to be more affordable than many other European countries and offers a perfect blend of old and new worlds. The architecture, natural vistas, and rich culture attract thousands of tourists to Germany’s shores every year. As Germany is a Schengen country, it is mandatory for travellers to have a valid medical insurance policy before entering the country. Many travellers opt for a Germany Travel Insurance policy instead, as it covers medical and non-medical emergencies. However, before you buy a policy, make sure that you compare insurers and plans and use the travel insurance premium calculator offered by most insurance company websites to find the most cost-efficient plan for you.

What is a Travel Insurance Policy?

Despite the effort you put behind planning a trip, unexpected emergencies can crop up at any time. Flight delays or cancellations, the delay or loss of baggage at an airport, injuries due to freak accidents, and various other mishaps are known to occur at the most unexpected times. Handling such situations requires time and money. A travel insurance policy offers financial coverage for many such emergencies and also offers assistance when you are in a foreign land. These policies offer various medical and non-medical emergencies to policyholders.

Germany has a mandatory requirement of a medical insurance policy for travellers. If you don’t have an international medical insurance plan, then you can consider buying a travel insurance policy for Germany, as it includes medical insurance and also offers coverage for non-medical emergencies.

Why Do You Need a Travel Insurance Policy for Germany?

While Germany ranks high in terms of tourist safety, there are reported incidents of theft and pickpocketing too. For Indians, weather in Germany can seem harsh during certain months and increase the chances of falling ill. Medical care in Germany is costlier than in India. Hence, if you need hospitalization, then the costs can burn a hole in your pocket. With the right travel insurance policy, you can be assured of getting the best treatment without having to worry about costs.

While many Germans speak fluent English, language can be a barrier in remote towns. Most travel insurance companies offer local assistance to help you navigate the language barrier and get immediate medical attention.

Things to Know Before Visiting Germany

If you are headed to Germany, then here are some important things that you need to know:

  • Many places in Germany do not accept cards. Hence, make sure that you carry cash and small change.
  • Germans are very particular about punctuality.
  • Most Germans don’t talk loudly in public places. Keep that in mind while touring the country.
  • Most sidewalks in Germany have two lanes – a coloured lane and a grey lane. The grey lane is for pedestrians, and the coloured lane is for cycles.
  • Do not jaywalk in Germany.
  • Not everyone in Germany will speak English. Therefore, carry a phrasebook with you at all times.
  • Here are some major international airports in Germany:
    • Berlin Tegel Airport
    • Dusseldorf International Airport
    • Frankfurt Airport
    • Hamburg Airport
    • Munich International Airport
  • The Indian Embassy in Germany is in Berlin and can be reached at +49 – 30 – 257950. You can also email the Embassy at

Summing Up

Germany offers a wide range of experiences to travellers. It has picturesque landscapes, architecture, a rich history, and culture to pique the interest of different types of travellers. If you are planning to visit Germany and are applying for a Schengen Visa, then it is important to remember that an international medical insurance policy is a mandatory requirement for visa application. If you don’t have one, then you can opt for a travel insurance policy for Germany that includes medical insurance having a minimum sum insured as stipulated by the visa authorities. Buying a travel insurance policy will offer more exhaustive coverage compared to a medical policy. Choose wisely.