Sunglasses- The best option for protection against UV rays


Sunglasses were initially regarded as the measure of style quotient of an individual but that scenario changed dramatically and drastically. Nowadays they are not regarded only as a part of a fashionable wardrobe in the form of a mere accessory but also as a major constituent towards a healthy lifestyle that protects the eyes in the first place by preventing all the harmful rays coming from the Sun to cast some serious damage to the eyes.

Why is too much exposure to the sun unsafe?

UV rays or Ultraviolet rays are part of the solar radiation that is connected to the detrimental effects on the skin and the eyes; the parts of the body that get exposed to the sunlight mainly. Thus, anyone who spends time outdoors is at the risk of eye problems caused by UV rays, depending on a few associated factors too like the type & dose of the encountered UV radiation, altitude, geographical location, time of the day, and some photosensitizing medications.

Types of UV radiation

The three categories of UV rays and their course of probable eye damage are given below.

  • UVA- Some particular types of cataracts and probably macular degeneration.
  • UVB- Photokeratitis, pterygium, and pinguecula.
  • UVC- Potentially could be the most harmful but thankfully get completely absorbed by the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere

Factors to keep in mind while buying sunglasses for efficient results

  • Close-fitting frames with large lenses that also cover sensitive areas of skin around the eyes are preferable.
  • Proper choice of the type between performance sunglasses or sports sunglasses depending on the outdoor lifestyle needs to be done.
  • A good quality lens that blocks 90-100 % of all the UV rays is important.
  • The sunglasses must have prescription eyeglass compatibility.
  • Shade or darkness of the color of the sunglass lens doesn’t affect the efficiency of UV protection.
  • Consultation with the optometrist is essential.

When to wear sunglasses for effective UV protection

  • On broad daylight under high sun rays
  • Even on cloudy days with an overcast sky
  • Amidst the snow in winter as well

Thus, everyone must focus on the details of why sunglasses are so important in protecting their eyes against the harmful UV rays and thus, must be wearing one whenever stepping out in the daylight.