Why Should You Get Dental Cleaning Done?


Having white teeth and healthy gums gives you the self-assurance to smile in any lighthearted circumstance. Additionally, maintaining a healthy smile will guarantee that food does not harbor bacteria in your stomach. Scheduling a routine dental cleaning appointment will enable you to accomplish all of this. 

You can do this by contacting the practitioners of general dentistry in Burlingame, CA, and examining the post below.

Reasons Why Dental Cleaning Is Essential

To prevent cavities 

Our eating habits lead to an increase in bacteria formation in our mouths. This bacteria gradually builds up in the mouth if not cleaned and forms plaque. 

This causes tooth decay and cavities. It starts with one tooth and spreads to the neighboring teeth over time. If not cleaned timely, plaque turns into tartar, and the removal form of bacteria destroys your teeth with cavities. Dental cleaning removes plaque buildup on your teeth. 

  • To avoid teeth stains

Teeth stains are a common issue among people caused by drinking coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco. Consuming these food items leads to the formation of tartar, causing permanent teeth discoloration. Therefore, a dental cleaning treatment will ensure there is no tartar formation on your teeth to avoid teeth stains and reduce the chances of teeth whitening treatment.

  • Helps in identifying other issues early

Teeth cleaning will help you identify other dental issues like cysts, cavities, tumors, gum diseases, etc. These dental issues are left unidentified by people, but in some cases, they become life-threatening and, in other cases destroy your beautiful smile. During dental cleaning, the dentist can identify these issues at early stages through x-rays and checkups, avoiding surgeries and other complications in the future.

  • Maintains overall health

Having regular dental cleaning will help you maintain your overall health since many studies have found a link between dental health and heart health, eyesight, etc. Therefore, you should get dental cleaning done every 6 months to avoid the chances of heart attack and stroke. 

  • Deals with bad breath 

Bad breath is caused by bacteria in our mouth. These bacteria, in some cases, do not get cleaned while brushing teeth. In these cases, a dental cleaning treatment will give you fresh breath and prevent odor from coming back.

  • Saves money in the long run

Dental cleaning is an affordable process. It helps your dentist keep in check your dental health and diagnose any oral health issues early. This way, you can treat these issues early and save thousands of dollars spent on dental cosmetic treatments and surgeries if the issues are not identified early.