Expert Advice From Texas Specialist For Treating Cold and Flu Symptoms in Children


Your child is suffering from a common cold if they are sneezing, having difficulty in swallowing and sneezing. A common cold infects the nose, throat and windpipe, irritating the respiratory tract. It is difficult to distinguish between the common cold and flu as both have almost the same symptoms.

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Difference between the common cold and flu

Both common colds and flu affect the upper respiratory tract and spread widely. In most cases, a cold develops gradually and causes symptoms like sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and cough with a slight fever that goes away with over-the-counter medicines.

Flu symptoms may come suddenly with high fever, body aches, chills and loss of appetite. Flu complications can be dangerous, so take your child to a good pediatrician in Argyle if you notice the symptoms.

When to see a doctor in Argyle for common colds in children?

Your child will need medical attention if you notice these symptoms.

  • Your child develops a high fever with chills.
  • Persistent cough
  • Runny nose with clear discharge, further becoming thick and even yellow or green.
  • Does not want to eat
  • Has started vomiting
  • Complains of ear or stomach ache
  • Becomes cranky
  • Is sleeping more
  • Trouble in breathing and started wheezing.

Treatments for common cold and flu in children

Common cold can last for two weeks and is highly contagious. The first three days would make your child very sick. Children and babies are more prone to catching the common cold as they have a low immune system and do not have enough exposure to the viruses like adults.

The best treatment for the common cold in children that Texas medical pediatrics recommend is:

  • Keeping your baby comfortable so that they get plenty of rest.
  • Over-the-counter cold and flu medications provide comfort so your child can sleep.
  • Make the child drink enough liquids so that they stay hydrated.
  • Dabbing petroleum jelly on your baby’s nostril to reduce irritation.

Consult a good pediatrician in Argyle, Texas, for seasonal flu shots for your child for prevention against common cold and flu conditions.