Can I Now Travel To Europe With A Vaccination Card


Americans traveling abroad usually have heard about travel terror stories. So, many individuals fear being the next victim of pickpocketing or theft. But there are some very easy ways to reduce the chances of being an easy target. First, do not dress like a tourist.

Wearing clothing that references America is a prime example of what not to wear when traveling in Europe. The majority of foreign transaction fees, hotel, and restaurant costs in Europe are in euro. This means that if you are traveling to European countries outside of the United States, you will spend more than if you were traveling in the currency of your home country. Therefore, it is best to avoid any type of non-cash payment while in Europe. Credit cards are useful for shopping in most cities in Europe, but these are not the same as credit cards in the United States.

Another of the travel tips for Americans traveling in Europe is to get hold of an europe visa-free card before traveling in order to avoid the hassle of acquiring one at the border. This will also make it easier to apply for a traveling visa once you arrive at your destination. There are many online companies that offer visa applications directly online, saving Americans time and money. While there is no fee for applying for a europe visa-free card, be sure to do a comprehensive search for the best company.

Along with not wearing clothing or carrying cash that may be subject to foreign transaction fees, another of the travel tips for Americans traveling in Europe is to get an international car insurance policy. There are ways of reducing the amount of foreign transaction fees when traveling in Europe, so finding a good policy may be the easiest thing to do. When getting quotes for car insurance in Europe, compare the price to that of an equivalent American policy. Also, be sure to include coverage for injuries sustained in other countries. Carrying medical coverage is important in case of any accidents while traveling in Europe, especially if the trip includes a visit to a foreign hospital.

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