Few Important Tips on Choosing a Shipper to Relocate Your Car to Alaska


Alaska, being extreme northern state is snowy and low temperature region throughout the year. So, winter tire and set of chains is a must for all vehicles to drive smoothly throw the snowy road. While relocating, you may not want to make wear and tear damages to your car.

Most of the people look for an experienced, reliable and safe vehicle shipping company to ship their car to Alaska. You may contact Ship a Car, Inc, a car shipping company in Florida, to assist you with their dedicated and experienced shipping professionals. With over 35 years of expertise in shipping and transportation, they work with their large network of carriers across the U.S.A. To provide 24/7 service till the completion of your consignment.

Finding a reliable vehicle shipping company

Start by doing an online research to find the available shippers near your region. To filter the genuine shippers, log on to the website of the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Here you can verify the shippers’ service license and insurance policies. Once you have shortlisted, check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to verify the quality of services of each shipper.

You can now visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website to get the information like the validity of shippers’ license, their service ratings, insurance policies and customer satisfaction reviews. Take some more time to check the shippers’ website reviews left by their ex-customers.

After these researches, you can finally pick your shipper to relocate your car to Alaska.

Things to know before signing the consignment

Your shipper may have informed you about open and closed carrier consignment. Choosing an open carrier will be a cost-effective way to ship, but your car will have to bear the adverse climatic conditions that changes frequently in the Alaska region.

Generally, a closed carrier will safeguard your expensive car from in transit damages like striking by bust or snowball. If you choose an open carrier shipment for your old car, you need not worry about damages as each shipper will insure your car at their end. You can verify their insurance terms in the agreement.

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You may check properly whether the shipper actually functions at the destination address. In case of terminal-to-terminal consignment, you need to take delivery of your car. If their terminal is far away from your destination, the continuous changing climate of the Alaska will further give wear and tear damages to your car.

Getting your car ready for pickup

Before you have handover the car to the carrier, it is good to wash your car and remove all your personal belongings. Check the working conditions of brake and lights. You need to keep gas to a level enough to unload your car. Take clear pictures from all directions so that prior damages are clearly visible. This will help you to claim insurance for the damages happened during transit.

After the car is loaded on the carrier, collect your Bill of Lading duly signed by both the parties. You can make assure that you reach out the destination before the consignment reaches.