How to Prepare for the OSCB Exam without Coaching?


Bank occupations are one of the most pursued positions in the country. There has been a solid misguided judgment that the people who went to top instructing focuses can clear the financial tests throughout the long term. Be that as it may, the determination of competitors doesn’t rely upon whether or not the up-and-comer had been going to training classes. It relies upon the up-and-comer itself – the amount he/she has endeavored to plan for the test. On the off chance that one should know how to plan for the OSCB exam without coaching, then, at that point, they can undoubtedly break the bank work with next to no training.

Since so many individuals can’t bear the expense of joining the coaching classes. Along these lines, to take care of them, we are giving itemized data and planning tips and procedures on getting ready for the OSCB exam without coaching. Read to know more.

Awareness of Pattern and Syllabus

To break any bank test like the OSCB without coaching, you should comprehend the test design first. The OSCB selection process are directed in two phases – the primary stage is the Preliminary Exam, and the subsequent stage is the Mains Exam. Once you have reasonable information on the test design and the schedule of the test you are planning for, it is the ideal opportunity for you to take care of business and start your arrangement. Here you ought to see how to plan for bank test without instructing, and this will occur by remembering the focus given beneath:

  • Keep in mind yourself. On the chance that you might want to do it, you can do it.
  • Continuously be ready to take any difficult inquiry.
  • See your solidarity and shortcomings.
  • Distinguish the points that you are great and powerless at
  • Start with mock tests whenever you take care of a large portion of the test subjects.
  • Time your false tests; this will help you take the test under time tension.
  • Make a review arrangement, plan a far-reaching schedule for yourself.
  • You generally get 2-3 months before the test is directed. Ensure you have a legitimate arrangement for this time.

Quantitative Aptitude Preparation

  • Following a school-level rudimentary mathematics schedule will help you cover most of the points.
  • Remember the significant recipes, tables, and hypotheses.
  • Address the training test papers point savvy.
  • Practice as many test papers as possible.
  • Mark your solid and feeble themes; practice your powerless points more.
  • Practice and know different sorts of inquiries. Then, a similar inquiry can be posed alternately in the test.

Instructions to Prepare For Bank Exam without Coaching: Reasoning Ability Preparation

  • Get your readiness with the significant subjects, and afterward, continue to themes that can score you well.
  • Make a plan to set up every subject as indicated by the trouble level.
  • Make a note of significant places and steps to tackle questions.
  • Go through model inquiries and practice a number of inquiries reasonably expected of each sort, particularly from the troublesome subjects.
  • Try not to begin another subject without a second to spare.

Readiness tips for the English Language:

  • Understand books and paper consistently.
  • Make notes of any new word you go over to involve it in your compositions.
  • Work on composition however much you can, which aids in further developing how you might interpret language.
  • Have an essential discussion with individuals in the English language to accelerate your English reasoning cycle.
  • Zero in on equivalents and antonyms, relational words, conjunctions, tenses, and so forth
  • Watch English series or motion pictures to help your language structure and jargon understanding.

Readiness tips for General Awareness:

  • Designate one hour consistently to read up for the overall mindfulness area.
  • Take GK tests to test your overall information.
  • Understand papers and magazines regularly to remain refreshed on recent developments and issues.
  • Modify routinely.
  • Look through the Class 10 level course readings of History and Geography.

Preparation tips for Computer Awareness:

  • Tackle PC tests consistently.
  • Do rehearse in a work area to comprehend the essentials have pragmatic information.
  • Practice console alternate ways, Microsoft Office, and so on.
  • Allude to your scholastic books for overall information on PC programming and equipment.
  • Write down significant focuses connected with each point and overhaul them consistently.
  • Have an essential comprehension of how PC frameworks work.


Hence, it is evident that clearing the OSCB bank exams can be done without coaching. All one needs is to be aware of the preparation strategies with the experts of BYJU’s Exam Prep.