How You Can Mitigate Risks When You Are Traveling To Overseas


Regardless if you are the initial traveler or perhaps a frequent traveler, travel safety begins with you. With a people, traveling overseas form part of the office work. They’re uncovered to risks every time they choose a foreign trip.

People happening overseas business journeys for a number of reasons, for example:

  • attending business conferences / workshops / workshops,
  • presenting academic papers / giving lectures,
  • taking part in trade missions / exhibitions / cultural presentations,
  • signing contracts / memorandum of understandings (MOUs),
  • collecting materials for articles or books,
  • taking part in students’ exchange programs,
  • perform Hajj or Umrah, etc.

The author, as being a frequent traveler, attempts to list lower as various kinds of risks as you possibly can that could be faced by an overseas’ traveler. It may be categorised into five parts, namely early preparation in the airport terminal whilst in the host country & personal safety hotel safety and return journey.

Travelers should keep in mind that security safeguards are tight in the airports and hotels and therefore they have to learn how to take wise and prudent safeguards when you are traveling. Readers also needs to be aware that ideas given listed here are not exhaustive, they usually are meant to be utilized only like a guide and safety traveling tips produced from other sources ought to be considered.

Early preparation

According to writer’s own experience, there are hardly any risks involved here aside from a careful preparation. This can usually include: a passport two-way flight reservation hotel reservation host country’s visa requirement currency any needed vaccination and travel cover.

The passport is recognized as your personal existence. It’s also probably the most commonly used document if you travel. It’s used during visa application, check-in counter in the airports, immigration & customs counters, check-in counter in the hotel, cashing of travelers cheques (if relevant), etc.

When it comes to packing, it can be a person’s taste. However, the golden rule to follow along with is – always travel light. Petty thieves and pickpockets like to exploit or victimize tired travelers burdened with heavy luggage. Other safety reminders when packing: pack your luggage yourself lock your check-in luggage, to ensure that nothing may be put in or removed use plain-searching luggage, (designer, fancy or costly-searching luggage attracts attention of potential snatchers) use luggage tag and put a different one within the luggage remove old air travel destination tags and bear the right clothes.