Refer to the below 6 steps of importing car to Canada


If you are planning to import your favorite car to Canada, it is certainly possible. Just pray that it falls in the eligibility criteria or you may have to do slight modifications to make it run on Canadian roads. Like every country, Canada also has some rules to follow in car importing. Thankfully, experts from and similar companies make the process so easy with their guidance.

Hiring a customs broker helps in obtaining ITN number and clearance certificate on car import smoothly. Thus, you can save a lot of time, effort, and money with them around. We also have some basics to help you understand how car importing works.

Refer to the below 6 steps of importing car to Canada:

  1. Check if your car is eligible:Check if your car is eligible for car importing to Canada. They must say a yes before you spend more money on the process. Seek guidance and get your queries answered on car importing by a reliable customs broker.
  2. Modify your car if you have to:If you are aware of the laws and terms of road safety of Canada, you must modify your car before stepping ahead. Modify it according to the terms of the country so that importing process can smoothly be resolved.
  3. Obtain ITN number:Obtain ITN number which is essential during the car importing process. If you are unable to do so, ask your customs broker to do the same. They deal with people on a regular basis and ensure that you get your ITN number on time without further delays.
  4. Submit relevant documents:Car importing may have certain forms and documents to submit to the registrar. Take a list of details mandatory and fill these properly before you submit it to the customs.
  5. Pay taxes and duties:After your car safety is approved consider a driving license to drive in Canada. You may have to pay taxes, duties, and also pass a few details to obtain driving license
  6. Pass the inspection and test within the time frame:Once your registration is complete, the customs will also check your vehicle and take it through an inspection test. Take support from a customs agent if you want to add convenience and save time on car importing process. is one of the recommended firms to consider for car importing process.