What is self exclusion from online gambling sites?


Since the beginning of the century, online gambling has become increasingly popular, allowing you to play casino games, bet on sports, and more right from your computer. Online gambling can also lead to addiction or a gambling problem, even among responsible gamblers. Taking control of your gambling online can be achieved by self-excluding from gambling websites if you feel you are spending too much time or money doing so.

Benefits of self exclusion

There are many benefits to self-excluding from online gambling sites:

  • Deposits and bets are not permitted during the exclusion period
  • Controls online gambling and helps break the habit
  • Limits losses and reduces gambling expenditures
  • Encourages taking a break to evaluate gambling behavior
  • Provides counseling or assistance if needed for problem gambling
  • Helps prioritize other aspects of life and relationships

Self-exclusion allows you to take back control if gambling online has become problematic. It’s an effective tool to reset your relationship with canada online casinos.

How to self-exclude?

The process for self-excluding varies slightly between gambling sites but generally involves:

  • Contact customer support for the site you want to be excluded from. Many sites have dedicated staff to help with responsible gambling.
  • Specify what you want to self-exclude and the length of time – 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years are common options. Some sites require a minimum length.
  • Provide verification details like your ID, account details, date of birth, etc. This ensures you are the account holder requesting exclusion.
  • Close any open accounts – you will not be able to access them during the exclusion period.
  • The site will initiate the self-exclusion after verifying your info and freeze your account. You will receive confirmation when it is processed.
  • Once excluded, if you try to open a new account, it will be closed upon ID verification checking for self-exclusions.

You will need to repeat this process for each gambling site you want to be excluded from. It is an extra step but provides greater control. Also, be aware that most self-exclusions cannot be reversed once initiated.

Tips for sticking with self exclusion

Here are some additional tips to make the most out of self-exclusion:

  • Tell friends and family to help keep you accountable and remove temptation.
  • Remove saved payment info and gambling site apps from devices. This adds extra steps if you get tempted.
  • Use blocking software to restrict gambling sites on your devices during the exclusion period.
  • Consider excluding land-based casinos where you gamble as well.
  • Focus on new hobbies, activities, and goals during your time off from gambling.
  • Join a support community to discuss your experiences and get motivation from others.
  • Counseling from an addiction therapist may help you stop.

Self-exclusion is an effective process for controlling problem gambling but additional steps help you stick with it. Combining exclusion with lifestyle changes and support creates an environment for successfully resetting your gambling habits.