17 Delicious Culinary in Bali to Try


17 Delicious Culinary in Bali to Try

Source: www.indonesia.travel

The natural beauty in Bali can bewitch local and foreign tourists who come for a vacation. In addition to exploring various tourist attractions in Bali, you are also obliged to taste a variety of its very diverse culinary specialties. If you are curious, below is a long list of Balinese culinary delights that you must try.

  • Chicken Betutu

This Balinese food is very popular among tourists, where betutu chicken is served with base genep spices. Base genep contains shrimp paste, candlenut, ginger, galangal, onion, turmeric, kencur, lemongrass, chili, and bay leaf.

  • Betutu Duck

Bebek betutu is a local dish that also uses base genep seasoning. Enjoy duck betutu with sambal matah for added enjoyment.

  • Bengil Duck

Bebek Bengil is also one of the favorite special foods in Bali. Similar to processed duck in general, you will find fried duck meat with a savory taste that is rich in spices.

  • Nasi Sela

In the local language, sela means sweet potato. Nasi sela is complete rice with certain side dishes topped with chopped sweet potato. Usually, the tubers used are sweet potatoes that have a sweet taste.

  • Tipat Cantok

Tipat cantok is processed from ketupat is then stirred with spices. In the presentation, tipat cantok will also be accompanied by various vegetables. If you pay attention, this food looks like a hodgepodge.

  • Balinese Mixed Rice

Bali has a typically mixed rice that is widely available in various restaurants. This mixed rice is usually served with chicken lawar, tum ayam, jukut urap, fried peanuts, and sambal matah.

  • Tum Bali

Tum Bali is a local dish that you should not miss. Tum is practically pepes from Bali because it is processed by putting meat, either chicken or beef, into banana leaves.

Pindang Sauce Rujak

The main characteristic of rujak kuah pindang lies in the sauce or sauce because it is made from pindang fish sauce. This food has the sensation of a fresh fruity taste combined with the spiciness of the pindang sauce.

  • Tepeng Rice

Nasi tepeng is similar to mixed rice, and it’s just that the variations of side dishes are more diverse. Usually, Nasi Tepeng uses fibrous vegetables.

  • Smoked Fish Sambal Matah

The Cuisine often found on Serangan Island is a typical Balinese food that you must try. This dish is in the form of tuna or tuna which has a spicy taste.

  • Lawar

Lawar is a dish made from minced meat. This food is then mixed with certain vegetables and spices. Many people use lawar as a side dish for mixed rice.

  • Laklak

Laklak is one of the famous desserts in Bali. With a sweet taste, laklak is made from rice flour, coconut milk, suji leaf water, pandan leaf water, and salt. Usually, this food will be given additional toppings on it.

  • Jukut Urab

Jukut urab is also one of the dishes served in mixed rice. This dish is almost similar to the vegetable anointing in Java. Jukut urab feels more special because it is given lime and fried peanuts.

  • Klungkung Serombotan

Serombotan klungkung is a dish filled with vegetables, which are given various spices. The vegetables used are kale, spinach, long beans, beans, sprouts, and round eggplant.

  • Entil

Entil is a typical dish from the Pupuan area which is similar to diamond. Even the way of making it is also similar to ketupat. Although the shape is more flat and uses a wrapper from talengidi leaves or nyelep.

  • Sudang Lepet

Sudang lepet is a typical Balinese food similar to salted fish. The salty taste that surrounds it, combined with the crunchy texture of the fish. This dish will be more delicious if eaten with warm rice.

  • Bubur Mengguh

This porridge with the addition of fried peanuts and anointing can be found in the Buleleng area. The spicy taste and strong spices will make you sweat when you taste it.

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