Advantages of Having a Hair Transplant Surgery in a Clinic At Lakewood Ranch


Hair Loss is a very common problem among people in Florida, but this can be frustrating and embarrassing for many people. As people nowadays focus more on their looks, this sign of getting bald can be worrisome for many. We do have options like wearing a wig or hair restoration medications, but this is not something that can be worth trying. 

One new advancement we can see in today’s world is hair transplant surgery, especially when seeking guidance from a hair loss specialist Lakewood Ranch. This is to be used when the follicles on the scalp are dead and the hair transplantation method does not work.

Honest Hair Restoration has some of the best hair transplant specialists Lakewood Ranch. They make use of advanced technology and PRP to give you the entire hair on your head.  

What is a hair transplantation surgery?

This is a permanent surgery in which the surgeon will implant the hair follicle taken from the donor’s head and place it on the patient’s bald area. This is a very good option to restore your lost hair and make your head look fuller and better. This is done by two methods like FUT and FUE. So, anyone who has a kind of pattern baldness, poor scalp, hair thinning problem, and scalp injury can opt for hair transplant surgery. 

What are the advantages of having hair transplantation surgery?

Here are some of the advantages of hair transplantation surgeries:

  • It is a natural and safe way in which no chemicals or medications are used. Here the only process is transferring the donor’s hair follicles to the recipient’s head, which makes it a completely natural process
  • It eliminates the chances of you having bald spots and receding hairline. You will not even have to experience being bald or having hair loss anymore.
  • As it is a great and reliable solution, it changes the entire look of your hair and face. You may start looking young and attractive once again with a head full of hair. 
  • A hair that is transplanted is all natural so you would not need any special shampoos or chemicals to maintain it. It is just going to be a one-time surgery where there will be no more surgeon trips required. But many do repeat the procedure after a year to increase the hair density and fullness.
  • As this is a one-time permanent solution, you cannot say that it is costly. The cost will always depend on different factors like the surgeon’s skills, the method used location, and many more. You do not have to spend on regular follow-ups or visits.

Thus, hair transplantation surgery is one of the most beneficial and effective method.