How To Get Rid of Migraine Cycle in Dubuque, IA


Migraine is just an intense pounding pain in the head that can last long for hours or maybe even days. The pulsing or pounding pain starts right from the forehead, the sides of the head, or around the sockets of the eye. The headache gets even worse in about any movement, bright light, activity, or loud sound makes it hurt more. 

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Facing problems like vomiting and nausea is common if you have migraine issues. Migraine happens just once or twice in the entire year or even often as daily. Having a study done it is said that women are more likely to have migraine than compared to men. there even are different types of migraines. 

Migraine has a process of four different stages:

Prodrome: it starts a day or two prior to the day migraine starts. The symptoms of it can be very different like cravings, neck stiffness, or even constipation can be a symptom of prodrome.

Aura: not everyone who has a migraine gets affected by aura. If you face the stage of aura you will face disturbance in the visuals like seeing a flash light or getting blurry vision. Many people experience motor disturbance or sensory sensitivity in the stage of aura. 


This is the stage where the pain settles in. You can have pain in both sides of the head or just a side. Nauseous and vomiting are also very common at this stage along with blurred vision or even fainting or feeling lightheaded. For a lot of people the migraine pain is so hard to handle that they cant handle themselves during a panic attack.


As migraine comes to an end, you might feel a lot of odd feeling like:

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Sensitivity towards the light
  • Euphoria

There are chances that the migraine can last for hours or even several days for some. There is no particular cause for migraine but there still are ways to set migraine off. The triggers vary from person to person so slowly with time you can recognize what triggers you and try to avoid it.